Expectation Management.

Note : This is very much work in progress right now...

Thank you for turning up to my little grumpy corner of the internet. Make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of coffee and have a little read about my views from conversations with fellow veteren game devs and my general game dev musings.

Disclaimer #

These are my views, not that of whatever company I am currently employed by. It is a positive learning website to make you think, I will discuss common thoughts in and around the games industry as it grows older and bigger. These articles are designed to make you think, rather than provide solutions.

In the pipeline #

The site right now is a work in progress; however I have set myself a deliverable for April 30, 2023 to have at least 4 articles written and have a newsletter!

I have a long list of articles planned which cover all areas of game dev; below you can see a few

So come back late April and enjoy the website

If you're bored; you're welcome to view a panel I was on for UnrealFest 2019 Getting More Done With Design in UE4